Sproul DNA Results

Please visit the Sproul DNA website at FamilyTreeDNA and consider joining us. If you have any questions please send me an email. The website address for the Sproul project can be foundĀ here.

2 thoughts on “Sproul DNA Results”

  1. I have been researching my family history using Ancestry. I believe I have a direct link to Walter, the first Spreul. I read that it is believed that we are descended from Norman travellers. I am planning to have a dna test to contribute to my research. As I am still in Scotland, maybe my dna will help. Do you know how much it is to get a dna test in relation to the one attached to this site?

    1. Hi Martin. Thank you for visiting the site. I have sent you a follow-up email directly to answer your DNA inquiry. Hope to hear from you soon. Joe

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Ancient and Modern Ancestors of the Sprowl Family of New Castle County, Delaware and Camden County, New Jersey