Ancient SPROWL History

Sprowl is a variant of the ancient spelling of Spreull with it’s roots in thirteenth century Scotland. The modern SPROWL spelling is that of which was adopted by the Delaware line about the time of The American Revolution. It is generally accepted that Thomas Sproul was the emigrant ancestor from Ireland about the time of the French-Indian war. Thomas settled in New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware about 1755. The SPROUL spelling is known, as that is how Thomas signed his documents. It was not until his son Robert began using the Sprowl spelling as signed on the Oath of Allegiance, New Castle County, in 1778. SPROWL was also used by his other two sons Thomas and John who removed to Hawkins County, Tennessee.

So where does this family originate? DNA analysis point to Walter Spreull c,1240, seneschal to the Earl of Lennox in the west of Scotland. There will be more information regarding the importance of DNA analysis and further details of Walter in future pages.

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    1. Hi Ronald – I’m not sure. Does any of the information here ring a bell to you? Would love to know more about your line and where and when it originated. Can you give more information or where your tree might be viewed? Thanks so much for visiting this site. Look forward to hearing more from you. Best regards – Joe Sprowl

  1. Recently I tested the 37 marker test through FamilyTree DNA. I have a positive result for the Sproul/Sprowl modal. The predicted SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) haplogroup is R-P311. Currently I’m testing for the SNP R-P312 to determine if the Sproul line is Germanic or from a more Atlantic origin. I hope to have the results for that in the next month. The plan is to follow our Y-tree as far back into our ancient lineage as possible. If you’d like to know more about my experiences with this project please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

  2. My Sproul’s/Sproule’s originate from Barrhead, Scotland. In my family there are a couple of spellings & pronunciations.

      1. My grandmother Margaret Sproull (nee Sinclair) was born in Barrhead in 1872 and migrated to Australia in 1923.

  3. Dr. Godfrey Spruill is my 8th great grandfather.
    My DNA shows 41% Great Britain; 27% Irish; 10% Scandinavian; 7% Italy,6% eastern Europe the rest is Various Trace regions. A friend, who also has Godfrey as his 8th great-grandfather also had essentially the same pattern; largest portion Great Britain, then Irish and then about 30% from other regions. One of my cousins, also had her DNA tested and she showed the same pattern–Great Britain then Irish, then others.

  4. hey so uhm, this might ring a bell to yall, my grandfather george sprowl, was born in a house and has a brother named allen sprowl after their dad. and our last name is german, i know some of my family. and sprowl is my madien name because im the 3rd generation i think i mean im 16, im pretty sure , because my mom is his daughter. but all i know is our last names german, and he was born in a house both him and his brother, in ripley ohio, im currently doing a project in my ela class im a junior in highschool but i dont go to the highschool i go to the carrer center. but we have to do a thing where he figure out where or last names originated from and what is the history of our home town, and i stumbled upon this, i would say email me but i kinda low key dont trust anybody that might say we are family when we could possibly not be. its nothing agianst no one just safty issues. but please comment back if you know anything about my family. and its not pronoucde spr-owl or like sprawl but more of an ouuul. use the vouls.

    1. Hi Paige!

      Thank you so much for your post. I’m sorry for the delay in responding. Sprowl has many different variants from ancient times to today. You might find spellings such as Spreull, Spruiell, Sproule, Sproul, etc. But it seems anyone with any of those variants are cousins through many branches over many centuries. Our surname is actually Scottish! There was a period from the late 1500’s to the mid-1600’s called the plantation period where many Scots, including our ancestors who left their homeland in Scotland and resettled in Northern Ireland. That is where many of our branches came from when they came to the US and Canada. Others did come from Scotland directly but not in the mass migration that occurred from Ireland. A major effort is presently under way to re-establish all of these cousin branches through DNA testing. In fact, if you wish, I’d like for you to visit my new blog on this subject. Maybe a Sprowl relative of yours might consider joining so you can find close Sprowl cousins you never knew you had! The blog address is I hope to see you there. Kind regards, Joe

  5. I am told Capt John Sproule 1626-1730 (Diana Wilson) is my direct link. My family paid someone $500. to research back in the 60’s.
    I have had several people tell me that all of that was a scam…they didn’t research, they just took information from some Sprowl family and linked it to ours.
    I do know this…George Russell Sprowl 1898-1969, son of Henry Wilson Sprowl 1871-1956, son of William H Sprowl 1820-? What I’m not sure of he was supposed to be son of Henry 1789-1848 and Elizabeth, son of John 1749-1845 and Elizibeth Love, son of William Sproule, 1720-1806 , son of William 1674-1751 and Mary Lowther, son of Capt. John Sproule 1626-1730 and Diana Wilson.
    I have lots of information…if all of this is true.

  6. hi my gedmatch number is a305319. I was adopted in the 70s .. my birth name is sproull . I found my family!! but working on my tree I don’t know if you have the information for me to see if this sproull is my sproull I have my tree worked out for the sproull but I am stuck on ancestry ..thanks chris hallwood

  7. Not sure where I fit into this puzzle but very interested in finding out my lineage.

    I have been told my whole life that my ancestors come from Germany.

    Grandfather: Charles Sprowl
    Grandmother: Doris Tregresor

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Ancient and Modern Ancestors of the Sprowl Family of New Castle County, Delaware and Camden County, New Jersey