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SPROWL Surname The name "Spreull" is first found in the thirteenth century in the west of Scotland. Before the first Spreul, the soon to be introduced Walter, it is likely that the family followed the naming convention of the time; the sons taking on the fathers first name prefixed by Fitz-. By the early thirteenth century, however, surnames started to be used and the name Spreul seems to have come to the fore and been used ever after. While any history of this age if full of uncertainty, if not outright speculation, what can be said with confidence is that the Spreul family was and is a very small one, only one family is given in the English and Scottish records. From these small beginings the Spreul's migrated over the centuries from Scotland to different parts of the world, often changing the spelling of the name as they went. Although today you can find any spelling just about anywhere, the Spruill, Spruiell, Sprewell, and Spruell spellings are common in the Southern United States; Sproul and Sproule are found in the North Eastern U.S., Canada and most likely spent a few hundred years in Ireland; Spurrell's are found in parts of England, Wales and New Foundland. Whatever the spellings, the roots are invariably traced back to Walter Spreul living in the late 1200s, in Scotland. From: the Preface of; Eight Centuries of the Spreull and Sproule Families By James Richard Sproule September 2012

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