Hello to all Sprowls, Sprouls, Sproulls, Sproules, Spreulls etc., and collateral lines! This website is intended to pull together any and all information gathered from around the world and make available to you. Much of this information was submitted by other researchers just like you. If you find any of the information contained on this site questionable…challange it! Especially if you don’t find cited sources for the person for whom you are researching. This is a forum more than anything else to get the correct information. If you have a challenge…prove it! We will add links to bloggers, Facebook researchers and other resources to help you navigate through your research. With that said, welcome and please contribute. In order for this site to be successful in accomplishing this goal we need you to participate. So…Submit it!!!

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  1. I am new to the Sprowl family website. Sprowl is one of my four main ancestral surname groups. The others are Horton, McCoun, and Bryan. Here is my lineage.

    SAMUEL SPROWL (1760 – 1785), born and died in Berkeley County, VA (now WV), m. ANN/NANCY SNOWDEN
    4th great-grandfather
    WILLIAM SPROWL (1783 – 1848), who m. MARY ‘POLLY’ VANCE; both were born in Berkeley County; they migrated to Clark County, Indiana, which is across the Ohio River from Louisville, where he died.
    son of SAMUEL SPROWL
    ROBERT VANCE SPROWL MD (1820 – 1876), born Clark County, IN, died Middletown, Jefferson County, KY; m. MARY RUTHANN VANCE, his 1st cousin 1R, of Middletown
    EDWIN RUTH SPROWL (1859 – 1924), born in Middletown, died in Jeffersontown, KY; m. SARAH OWINGS
    ETHEL BEACH SPROWL (1889 – 1970), my grandmother, who m. LUDWELL McKAY BRYAN; both were born and died in Jeffersontown, KY, my home town.
    daughter of EDWIN RUTH SPROWL
    MARCIA URTON BRYAN (1916 – 2007), my mother, who m. RAYMOND T. HORTON; was born and died in Jeffersontown, KY
    daughter of ETHEL BEACH SPROWL
    Linda Rae Horton
    daughter of MARCIA URTON BRYAN

    My mother believed that the father of Samuel (1760-85) was the William Sprowl who died in Rockbridge County, VA in 1798, and I have posted this information on my tree, despite my doubts about its accuracy. I believe that this particular William was part of one of the other Sprowl families.
    Linda Horton

  2. Thank you for the credit given to my father Robert James St George Sproule, his research into the family name kept him busy during the last thirty years of his life and gave him huge pleasure as each generation was given the St George as a name. My three grandchildren all have St George in their names – but I fear the line will stop there as they’re all girls! I have some family tress also, contact me if you would like to have a copy for the website.

  3. My lineage comes from the Paisley area of Scotland. Matthew Sproull b 1737 married Janet Gillies and had several children, among them Matthew who married Marion King and left what had been the family home for more than 4 centuries and migrated to Pictou Nova Scotia in 1823. I would love to hear from anyone who might share my family tree.

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